Marina Pisella

I am a certified massage therapist and cosmetologist.

Marina PisellaI have 18 years experience in an industry that I love. The passion that I have for the work that I do is both reflected in my professionalism and in the way that I treat my guests. I am also constantly taking the most recent courses and my continuing education allows me to provide the latest, the most advanced and the highest quality of treatments available. I also am able to offer every valued customer the newest skincare products.

Each client is unique. All of the best treatments and excellent services that I provide combine my professionalism and unabashed pampering in the finest European tradition. In one convenient location, I offer the most up-to-date facial treatments for every skin type and condition, as well as special treatments for before and after cosmetic surgery.

The most important thing in my relationship with every one of my clients is to deliver the results that I promise. I am able to care for every type of skin condition that presents itself, from treating acne problems to mature aging skin, as my specialties. With my knowledge and exceptional customer service along with a little time and patience on your behalf, I am certain that we will achieve the results that you and your skin deserve.

By taking advantage of the best services and excellent skincare lines that I have available, you will see an improvement in the complexion, elasticity and condition of your skin by 80%.

There are many things that cause our body and spirit to age and the most common is stress. We must all deal with the pressures that our work, our families and society put on us. Because we cannot change our lifestyle, the most effective way to ease away stress is to enjoy a few hours being properly cared for and pampered in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, where you will receive the attention to allow you to feel reenergized.

Please browse my site for details regarding the treatments and services that are available to you along with testimonials from several of my clients whom have benefited from their experiences. I am excited to see you soon so that we can get you on the road to having the healthy, clear, fresh and youthful looking skin you have always dreamed of.

Sincerely Yours, Marina

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